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Judy Darling's Spell Candles

Judy Darling's Spell Candles

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Treat yourself to some magic! Hand poured candles by Judy Darling, magically charged with intentions, essential oils and crystals. Made from organic soy wax. Choose whichever calls to you!

The Bewitching Candle is formulated for magical amplifying, empowerment & creating a seductive environment to call your dreams to you. Crafted with cedarwood, cinnamon, clove & heather oils. Magically charged with dragon's blood, copper, ametrine, smokey quartz, azurite malachite & Tiger's Eye Crystals.

The Chakra Cleanse Candle is for cleansing and balancing the chakras. Tension and stress will melt away as you realign your being on the spiritual level. Aids memory & englightenment. Crafted with clove, cinnamon, lotus & sandalwood oils. Magically charged with Fire & Ice Quartz, Amethyst & Selenite Crystals.

Goddess of Love Candle is for invoking love in all of its aspects & incarnations. Cleanse, heal & draw love to you. Crafted with rose, mint & musk oils, rose petals, catnip, peppermint & spearmint. Magically charged with rhodonite, amethyst & rose quartz crystals. 

Absit Omen Candle is for uncrossing & cleansing. A total and complete removal of anything not serving your higher power. To wipe away all negative energy & clear the path forward. Crafted with lemon, hyssop, lavender, rose, lily & bay. Magically charged with hematite, onyx, obsidian, selenite, & clear quartz crystals. 





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