What is Nancy the Girl?

To answer that, I have to introduce myself. I am, in fact, Nancy... that Girl! 

Ever since I was a child, I found power in dress-up. As I got older though, I started to feel more of society’s pressure to follow a certain guideline of how I was supposed to dress, and in turn, how I was supposed to behave. Nancy the Girl is my remedy. She is an ode to my 6 year old self. She believes in playing dress-up whenever and wherever you want, and therefore being whoever you want, whatever the circumstances. Sometimes clothing serves as an armor to give me confidence, other times it is a mirror reflecting my inner thoughts and feelings.

I created Nancy the Girl for anyone who ever felt like they weren't allowed to wear something because they were the wrong size, the wrong age or the wrong gender. Nancy the Girl is a vintage clothing store, but also a love letter to all of you who felt insecure shopping in a mainstream retail store, felt judged by the sales staff or experienced discrimination based on your outward appearance. I’m looking to dress you from the inside out and help you show the world the way you see yourself. 

What makes vintage clothing special is that it comes with a story. Our clothing is with us for our most important moments and it holds onto the feelings and emotions from those experiences. When I’m thrifting I feel like the clothing is speaking to me, telling me their stories. This is why I call myself a thrifting witch. It is my job to listen to the stories I hear and then pick clothes that have the most empowering vibes. Whether you are shopping with me in person or online having this store gives me the ability to share my gift and pass it on to you, sending clothing out into the world that will make you feel like your strongest, most kick-ass, empowered self.

My mission is to encourage as many people as possible to be themselves when getting dressed, regardless of what society dictates we should wear by our size, age or gender. I believe in dressing for oneself, which allows us to be ourselves. Think of me as your cheerleader, your big sister and your friend. My vision for this store, both online and in person is not only a place where you can find amazing vintage, but also a place where you can find a community of like minded individuals. Together, we can give each other the confidence to approach the world (and our wardrobe) on our own terms.