Hoping to Sell Your Vintage?

Hoping to Sell Your Vintage Clothes?


What do we buy?

We buy clothing, jewelry, purses, scarves, shoes, hats, and gloves (basically if you can wear it we can buy it). We buy vintage items with vintage meaning the item is 20 years or older. We buy both women’s and men’s items, but we do not take children’s items.

Do we consign?

Nancy the Girl works with an outright buy process. We do not run on consignment. This means if you are hoping to sell some items we will offer you money for them up front. With outright buys there is no guarantee that we will sell the items that you have sold us meaning that our buying price from you may not be as much as if you consigned the clothes, however you are guaranteed to get paid for your items and you will get paid right away.

Can I just walk in and sell to you?

We do buys by appointment. You can schedule an appointment with us by emailing heygirl@nancythegirl.com, calling/texting (802) 356-1440, or filling out this form: https://forms.gle/vST4KnwsWp5iSoCm9. If you have more than 20 items and would like us to come to you, we do home buys as well. If you are unsure if we will be interested in certain items please feel free to send us photos of what you are hoping to sell via email or text and we can let you know if you should bring them in.

Are there better times of year to sell certain items?

We typically buy seasonally. We will be more likely to buy summer items (such as shorts, sun dresses, and lightweight blouses) in the months of May through July; fall items (such as sweaters, light jackets, and pants) in the months of August through October; winter items (such as coats, gloves, and mittens) in the months of November through January; and spring items (such as dresses, jeans, and light jackets) in the months of February through April.

Do we buy furs?

We do buy furs. We buy furs that are in good condition (no rips or large stains) typically starting in November and ending in January.